Beneteau First 210
First 210

Beneteau First 210 Pictures

Enclosed you find 2 pictures of my First 211 Hull no. 401 VOYAGEUR, sailing on Lake Constance, the borderlake between Germany Austria and Switzerland.

Ernst Mueller


Trailer and tow vehicle

It's a Subaru Forester Turbo, Automatic. The tow rating here in Switzerland is 1800 kg, which is about 4000 pounds and this is exactly what it needs to pull the 211. The handgeared Forester Turbo is allowed to pull only 1500 kg or about 3300 pounds, this would not be enough. And of course the trailer has to have a overrun brake. No, I do not tow far, just between harbour and the "dryplace". I don't own a harbourplace (it is very hard to get such a place, but temporay you always find one.) I slip in and out for weekends, as many other 211 owners do. But I would not mind to pull the 211 to any other place with the Forester. I think in Europe we are used to pull with relatively small cars. Towing laws differ from country to country. But if I want to travel abroad, its no problem, the authorities accept travelling according to the laws of the country where the vehicle is registered.

F211 Gennaker


updated June 14, 2005