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Beneteau First 210 Tech Notes

I forgot to mention my most important upgrade to my old '96 F210. I
sanded and revarnished the mahogony toerails and cockpit mahogony!

I didn't appreciate the value of mahogony until I had sanded and
varnished it. I'd always had teak before! Now, I have a Red
(mahogony), White & Blue sailboat.

The previous owner had put ZSpar Mahogony Filler Stain #1081 on the
toerail which I cursed for 7-10 days while tring to sand it off;
but, it actually may have helped my final product. I'm personally
fed up with Interlux (they sell 6-10 products to complete every
different project you have). This time I used Epifanes Yacht
Coatings ; a Belgian product that I'm very pleased
with. Lots of instructions on the web site and a single
CD "Epifanes Technical Handbook" disk. An old brush is the key, but
I did o.k. with a new one. I purchased my supplies from where I thought the prices were better.

I used Epifanes High Gloss Clear on the cockpit mahogony which I
took off the boat and worked on in my garage. I used Epifanes
Rapidclear on the toerail which you didn't have to sand after every
coat and could recoatin 5-6 hours. I'm extremely pleased with the
results even considering the hard work. I'll send some pictures to
Jay H. for the website, because I don't think I can attach them to
this message.

Good luck with your Winter/Spring F-210 Projects.

Best Wishes,

Doug McCance, #106 '96 F-210, Mid-West U.S.A.

updated January 22, 2006