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Beneteau First 210 Tech Notes

Title: Location of the depth sounding unit 
Author: Niels Wade 

Just wanted to share a good location for a depth sounder that glues to the inside of the hull. 

I was elated when I found a unit that sounds through the hull with no need to drill. And with our solid glass hull it makes utilizing one of these unit even better.

At first I did think the interior grid/liner did pose a problem. But, after tapping around in the compartment in front of the centerboard well I found a nice solid spot. It is located on the centerline just forward of where the porta-potty goes. There you will see a 1/2 round section molded into the liner. Tap on the spot to see if it is solid underneath. If it sounds solid, follow the instrument instructions on testing the spot.

If this spot fails, the only other place may be just behind the front bulkhead but, in from of the forward storage compartment. A hole would need to be cut and the foam removed down to the hull. Then, cap the hole with a port. The benefits of this spot are: it's well forward of the keel and the transducer and wiring can be hidden from sight.

Fair winds and following sea's

  Depth Sounder Readout Location

Title: Location of the depth sounding unit 
Model(s): First 21 Classic; First 210; First 211 Spirit 
System(s): Instruments 
Author: Niels Wade 

updated May 12, 2004