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Beneteau First 210 Tech Notes

Title: Flying a Spinnaker 
Author: Terry F. Ellis 

How I fly the spinnaker on my First 21.0 Classic #58:

1) have pole set in mast eye slid to bottom of mast on mast eye car track
2) have topping lift and down haul lines attached to pole at all times
3) just before launch and while still close hauled to weather mark, have foredeck crew raise pole on mast track to proper height (pre-marked)
4) then mid deck crew raises spinnaker pole to horizontal position (for launch/adjust later) and "edges" tack of spinnaker to end of pole, hoists spinny, sets guy, drops jib sail and trims spinny sheet
5) when gybing foredeck crew dips end of pole under jib sheet before attaching spinnaker sheet (now guy) in jaws of pole, so jib can be raised and sailed before dropping spinnaker.
6) I launch spinnaker out of a canvas bag hanging on a sliding wire in the companionway hatch opening, except:

a) If I have one crew member I launch it from the turtle bag from the bow pulpit the first weather mark rounding.

b) If I had two crew persons (never have had that) and the windward legs were long enough, I'd have foredeck person repack and reset the spinny turtle for launching from the bow pulpit every time!

7) Either crew or skipper can constantly trim sheet and guy while skipper steers.

8) Weekly, skipper patches pin holes in foot of spinnaker from dragging it across life lines, shrouds and other objects that could tear it!

Flying a spinnaker is not as difficult as it sounds or seems. Once you have it flying, there's a wonderful feeling of power and grace...that makes sailing down wind "fun again". Try it in steady, mild breezes to build confidence. Gradually, fly it in increasingly stronger winds. You'll be surprised it's not as windy as you think because of the "apparent wind" factor...especially sailing nearly "dead down". For years, I was afraid of a spinnaker. Now I cannot wait for the down wind journey!

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Title: Flying a Spinnaker 
Model(s): First 21 Classic; First 210; First 211 Spirit 
System(s): Sails 
Author: Terry F. Ellis 

updated May 12, 2004