Beneteau First 210
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Tech Notes

Beneteau First 210 Tech Notes

Title: Specifications for racing sails for the Beneteau First 210 
Author: Terry F. Ellis 

Date: October 20, 1997
To: Wayne Patillo-North Sails Atlanta
From: Terry Ellis
Subject: New North Sails For Beneteau 21.0

This is our final agreement, based on your message to me this afternoon.

Main Sail (Approx. 160 SF = maximum "IMS" roach profile):
1. crosscut layout for Nordac (dacron) 6 oz. sail cloth
2. leech line
3. blue streak top batten full length
4. blue streak bottom three batten lengths to suit rule used
5. cunningham
6. loose footed with slug at clew
7. 2 draft shape stripes (blue color)
8. 1 set reef points
9. floppy rings
10. blue color Beneteau ensignia
11. blue color sail #s (sail # 58)
12. tell tales on leech
13. tell tales (two) in draft area of main, offset slightly red/green above reef points
14. bolt rope luff (in lieu of slugs)
15. sail bag

I understand the main will likely hang on the backstay in light air.

Jib Sail (100%-110% "blade" Approx 110 SF):
1. crosscut layout for Nordac (dacron 6 oz) sail cloth
2. telltale window
3. 2 draft stripes (blue color)
4. leechline
5. footline
6. sail # 58 (blue color)
7. cunningham cringle (approx 8" above tack)
8. brass pull pin hanks (right handed)
9. tell tales (3 sets/offset slightly port vs stb in red/green)
10. sail bag w/draw strings

You might check the foot/clew to keep from running out of jib sheet fairlead track. The existing jib, trims to weather with just one aft adjustment left. A lower clew may cause the foot to hang on the stanchions. Note the jib fairlead track curves inward to increase draft for reaching. Also, the jib luff might be increased slightly (4"+?) and still fit the forestay. After you measure, let me know what you think on jib and main.

Price and Terms:
1. Price for North Main and Jib as described above is _________.
2. Shipping, sales tax and spinnaker turtle bag are included in above price.
3. _____ is due on order and ______ at delivery date.
4. Latest delivery is December 31, 1997, expected delivery by November 17.

It would be nice if I could try the new sails at the Turkey Day Regatta, Nov 15 and/or Lanier Cup, Nov 22.

Thank you,

Terry Ellis

Title: Specifications for racing sails for the Beneteau First 210 
Model(s): First 210 
System(s): Racing & Handicap Rating; Sails 
Author: Terry F. Ellis 

updated May 12, 2004