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Tech Notes

Beneteau First 210 Tech Notes

Title: Setting Up Running Rigging-Sail Controls 
Author: Terry F. Ellis 
Date: January 21, 1999 

This is how I have currently rigged my Beneteau First 21.0 Classic: 

The outhaul exits a sheave at the gooseneck fitting next to mast. It is led straight down parallel with the mast to a turning block with a swivel base attached to the mast step. From there, it leads to one of the triple turning cheek blocks about 30 degrees aft of the mast base and in line with the spinloc clutches. From there it leads straight back , just inside the spinloc clutch to a cleat at the cockpit hatch (mine's to port of the hatch opening). There is no change in the outhaul as the boom swings across. The jammer is still in the gooseneck fitting. It just 
never engages as the outhaul line which is tensioned downward. There is no noticeable change in the tension on the outhaul was talking about when adjusting the boom angles. I have not run my reefing nor my topping lift line back. I rarely reef and rarely use the topping lift. 

Running back to the cabin hatch is 1) main halyard 2) jib halyard 3) spinnaker halyard 4) spinnaker pole topping lift 5) main outhaul 6) main cunningham 7) jib cunningham 8) spinnaker pole downhaul. The boom vang drops down into the hatch. That leaves only the reefing and boom topping lift at the mast. Some day, I plan to reverse the topping lift so I can control it at the boom end and lead the reefing line back to the cockpit. But, I'm running outta space to put turning blocks and cleats! I also plan to install jib fairlead traveller cars too. Lotsa lines. So, to date I've avoided any more. Oh yeah, then there's the main sheet on barney post which I reversed for cleating on boom plus the backstay tensioning line which leads into the cockpit from the transom! "Lotsa Lines"!

Have fun, 


Title: Setting Up Running Rigging-Sail Controls 
Model(s): First 210 
System(s): Rigging & tuning 
Author: Terry F. Ellis 

updated May 12, 2004