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Beneteau First 210 Tech Notes

Title: Replacement Sails
Date: April, 2005

Replacement Sails

Lately several owners have been buying or thinking about buying new sails to replace their now ten year old factory sails (Doyle OEM). Here is some of the discussion:

Jim Higgins bought Waters Sails last year for his #92 Classic. He wrote "they are exceptional quality, and make a huge difference in performance.  I can strongly recommend Joe Waters (Waters Sails) down in Columbia, SC.  He really knows his stuff, and understands our boat.  Contact info is 803-957-5638 or "

Lenny Reich bought Pope Sails in Maine and was very pleased. 

Jay Sawyer bought NuClear from Florida and writes, "I've had other racing sails from NuClear in the past and have never had any trouble. The sail shape is much better than the original."

Terry Ellis and Ron Stephenson both love their North Sails but they were on the high end price-wise.

Alastair recommends the one design North sail from the UK:

And finally, here is a comparison chart put together by William McCance: Sails Chart in PDF.

updated April 18, 2005