Beneteau First 210
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Tech Notes

Beneteau First 210 Tech Notes

Title: Trailer Measurements for F210 Classic trailer
Author: Terry F. Ellis

  • length of trailer frame = 248” + add ball hitch coupling/brake mechanism to that + bunker boards overhang rear of trailer frame by 8”
  • width of trailer frame = 74” + 12” width of wheel cover on each side = 98” over all width, fender to fender
  • rear keel guide supports made of a 10” bar from side of rear end of trlr frame, then a bar extending from end of 10” bar at an angle to trlr frame cross beam which is 39” from rear of frame. This bar is welded to cross beam 20” from center of cross beam w/keel support plate w/2X8X36” board
  • next fwd trailer frame support cross beam is 68” from rear end of frame, then another cross beam at 107” from rear of trlr frame.
  • Cross beam is at 182” from rear of trlr.
  • Winch stand base plate is 17” L x 3” W X Ό” and slides to and fro on 4” X 4” center bar for maybe 13” max
  • Winch stand tallest/forward post is 2 ½ “ X 2 ½” bar X 90” high with 3” (base) rubber Vee Block on “U-Plate” at top to form a mast crutch.
  • A 3” X 3” X 18” bar is welded vertically to winch stand base plate, 10” inside dimension behind the tall mast crutch post
  • A 1”X3”X10” bar is welded to a 2 ½” X 2 ½” bar which slides vertically inside the post in #8 above. It can be adjusted up or down to match the bow stem of the boat.
  • It also has a 1” X 3” X 10” bar welded perpendicular to it at to the taller, mast crutch post at a height of 15”. It thus provides support plus serves as a step ladder rung.
  • The winch plate is 1 ½” X 3” X 12”. It has a 3” X 3”X 1/4” plate welded on the forward end with 4 holes to attach it with two, U bolts. Those U bolts fasten this bar to the taller forward mast crutch post, allowing height adjustment.
  • There is an adjustable 3” rubber roller bracket and roller attached approx 12” above the winch onto the mast crutch post to accept and guide the winch strap for raising/lowering the mast.
  • The winch post on my trlr is set at 20” high.
  • The winch is 8” fwd and reverse catching awls
  • The Bunker Boards are 2” X 6” X 118”
  • The Bunker Board posts are sized to slide up and down inside the Bunker Board Post supports.
  • The bunker Board support posts are 2 ½ “ X 2 ½ “ X 23” for rear one, X 15” for center one and X 118” for front one.
  • They are welded to the trailer frame cross support beams with inside dimensions post to post of 60” for rear bunker posts, 48” for center bunker board posts and 40” for front bunker board posts.
  • The gin pole is 1” X 1” X 90” galv. Ό” steel with a 3” base Vee rubber block bracket and block at one end and 4 Ό” X 2” I. D. u-bolts welded onto the opposite end.
  • The extension tongue bar is 2 ½ “ X 2 ½ “ X 116” long. It slides inside the 4” X 4” trailer tongue and is what the trailer hitch ball coupling is attached to.

updated May 12, 2004